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A Nonprofit Organization Providing Career Training Education (CTE) And Community Outreach
Cole Link Foundation

About The Cole Link Foundation Corporation (CLFC)

The Cole Link Foundation is a nonprofit organization providing Career Training Education (CTE), and community outreach, serving as a link between foundations, communities, and contributors to assist people in need.

We drive and support an expanding network of community and individual enrichment projects with a goal of inspiring a chain reaction of community involvement and pride to stimulate vital resources and assistance to empower the lives of individuals and families.

The Group received its 501(c)(3) status on March 11, 2016 and is governed by a 4-member Board of Directors composed of community and business leaders, and managed by a staff recognized for its proficiencies in specific program areas.

In August 2016, the Foundation opened its doors and has been growing. This website is designed to be a philanthropic advisor, allowing generous donors a sneak peek into upcoming projects that they can read about and make donations in any amount. The website will also share success stories and photos keeping donors informed on how their gifts are being used to engage communities, drive Career Training Education (CTE) and improve the quality of life for many underserved people across the bay area.


To help people improve the quality of their lives through vocational and academic training aimed at gainful employment and career pathways.


We are dedicated and caring people who formed a company providing career training education (CTE) and community outreach that enhance the lives of individuals. With efficiency and effectiveness, we strive to provide the highest measurable quality support for the people and organizations we serve, our employees, and our community.


Our goal is to help people 16 and over to improve the quality of their lives by empowering them to create career paths and become independent.

Cole Link Foundation