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The Career Training Education (CTE) division is our newest endeavor representative of our commitment to asset in lifting individuals by providing both community support and career training.

Certifications Offered As of 3/15/2023

  1. RV Tech Training Center, Inc. Largo Florida

    The state of Florida has approved The RV Tech Training Center **Florida State LP Curriculum which allows our students to go straight to their Masters Qualifier Test. This means that students who graduate from our program can bypass the first level of LP testing per the state and move directly to the Master LP test. Currently there are only two other schools in the country with this distinction. RVTI in Indiana and NRVA in Texas. We are the only school in Florida with this level of programming.

  2. Telecommunications Technologies

    This introductory system teaches all aspects of connectivity methods in today's world. Learn the history, theory, and transmission mediums of communications, as well as Smart Home technologies found in homes and businesses.

  3. Certification: Telecommunications Technologies

  4. Network Cabling: Copper-Based Systems

    Master the basics of copper cabling, installation, construction, and troubleshooting using our patented workstations. Up-to-date industry standards and real world workplace simulations are also a large part of the curriculum.

  5. Certification: Network Cabling Specialist Copper Systems

  6. Network Cabling: Fiber Optics-Based Systems

    Experience all aspects of fiber optics cabling; students will learn where and when fiber applications are used and how to install this new technology.

  7. Certification: Network Cabling Specialist Fiber Optic Systems

  8. Home Entertainment Residential Audio/Video Systems

    Acquire the skills to design and set up home theater systems. Students learn the basics of sound engineering in multimedia devices. Skills can be used to install audio/video system within residential and business environments.

  9. Certifications: Smart Home Professional Audio/Video

  10. Energy Management Systems

    Featuring energy auditing and automated building controls curriculum using simulation trainers. Students learn about reducing their carbon footprint, developing Green action plans, automated sensors and lighting systems, and Smart Grid concepts.

  11. Certification: Smart Home Professional Energy Management

  12. Grounding and Bonding: Copper Systems

    Designed to provide additional skill sets aligned with the National Electric Code, this course provides students a complete understanding of external and internal convergence of data, voice, and video services. This program focuses on the primary responsibilities of the technician to properly ground and bond a system.

  13. Wireless Systems: Coverage and Capacity

    This program provides additional skills that will provide your students with a complete understanding of wireless systems, 5G antenna installation, equipment connectivity, radio frequency transmission, and reception principles. Students are also trained to properly install antennas on drywall, concrete, and plywood. 210 Total hours.

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