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A Nonprofit Organization Providing Career Training Education (CTE) And Community Outreach
Cole Link Foundation

Founder Of The Cole Link Foundation: Myra J. Cole-Baucom

Founder Of The Cole Link Foundation: Myra J. Cole-Baucom

Myra J. Cole-Baucom is the original founder of the Cole Link Foundation. She created the Cole Link Foundation in response to the ongoing desire to support individuals and organizations in health & wellness, educational awareness, and the arts. Myra's goal was to establish an organization that keeps dignity, respect and collective responsibility at the core of its focus. She was committed to bringing joy and cultural competency to community engagement. She was working with communities across the country to develop self-sustaining collaborations, improve access to resources and increase effective communication internally and externally.

"We have several dynamic projects in play to reach our goals. The Cole Link Foundation, with the help of the board of directors, staff and an outstanding volunteer team, will be the link to build lasting improvements in many ways. I am passionate about our commitment and feel we will accomplish our initiatives with love as our strength to guide our dreams and visions."

CEO Dori Avaregan

Cole Link is proud to announce our new CEO Dori Avaregan. Dori is poised to continue the work of the Cole Link Foundation helping our community grow through education and reaching out to help and empower those of us who need an opportunity.


Serving humanity has always shined bright for me within every aspect and scope of the human community. Ceaselessly passionate about the elimination of poverty, availability of free education for all at the local and national level as education can only bring out in a humanity that which is inherently "a mine rich with gems of inestimable value", honoring and serving the planet we live on and a loyal defender of human dignity, freedom and advancement.

Involvement with children, their welfare, nurturing and respectful of their ever-growing precious minds, character, self-knowledge and identity, looking after the homeless, the handicap, the refugees, the veterans in diversity of circumstances, protecting the wellbeing, rights of mothers and single parents have always enriched my life and brought priceless joy to my heart.

Cherishing earthly resources, encouraging those around me about our volatile environment, growing organic fruit and vegetables which can restore excellent health.

Education is the beacon of light that sheds light on the higher standards of a better life for an individual, when living your best potential would ultimately contribute to a most healthy and thriving community.

Dori Avaregan

Cole Link Foundation