Wishful Wheels


Helping Hospitalized Children Heal Faster Through Play

Wishful Wheels is a humanitarian program that provides red wagons to hospitals and communities to help children have a more pleasurable hospital experience.


Each year, more than 3 million children are hospitalized nationwide. For many of these children and families, this is not a planned event, but the result of an accident or injury. Many kids face chronic illness and can be traumatized by the hospital environment. Laughter and play are critical elements to keep kids happy and heal faster. 


Cole Link Foundation’s nonprofit Wishful Wheels program provides wagons to hospitals and communities in need. Our goal is to help children have a more pleasurable experience during their hospital stay. Hospitals across the nation use wagons to accomplish this goal. 

Help us impact the life of a child because disease doesn’t discriminate.

Wishful Wheels for Children with Cancer in Anaheim, California

June 2018 National Cancer Survivor Day at Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Medical Center was a huge success. Cole Link Foundation enjoys partnering with other organizations that serve the healthcare needs of our communities. Cole Link was the proud sponsor of the Breast Cancer Mentor Program Team. A special thanks to Board Member, Montielle Bennette for helping make this happen!

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