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Cost of Northern Lights Tour

$2582 per person, based upon double occupancy

Single Supplement: $405

Per person deposit required at time of registration: $500

Final Payment due, January 3, 2019


  • 5 hotel nights
  • Ground transportation in Alaska
  • 3 dinners
  • Breakfast daily
  • UAF Museum of the North
  • Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center
  • Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum
  • Dog sled ride at Chena Hot Springs
  • Sno-Cat ride to mountain top for a mountain-view sunset
  • Green House
  • Ice House
  • Fairbanks Ice Sculpture Park
  • Fairbanks Northern Lights excursions run every night on clear skies and an auroral forecast of 3 and above


  • Round-trip airfare to Alaska
  • Meals that are not mentioned in the “Included List"
  • Items of a personal nature

Cost of Denali By Sky Extension

$1108 per person, based upon double occupancy

Single Supplement: $112

Per person deposit required at time of registration: $500

Final Payment due, January 3, 2019


  • Fare for chartered airplane, offering a spectacular, up close and personal view of Mt Denali. This flight will operate without regard to the weather, but the up close and personal mountain view is subject to good weather.
  • Breakfast and dinner daily
  • Anchorage Museum with private showing of the northern skies
  • Scenic Anchorage tour
  • Hotel nights
  • Transportation to and from the airport


  • Lunches
  • Items of a personal nature

Call for Reservations (727) 216-3492

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What People are Saying

“Just came back from Alaska. I can hardly believe I went, but to see the Northern Lights, I was brave. The lights were spectacular! I was never very cold because in the various places we watched, we could get out of the cold in buildings that were close by. And, the dogs! I wanted to bring one home but my cat would not have been very happy.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“I was surprised by the northern lights. We saw them on 2 nights and each time they were very different, and very spectacular!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Chena Hot Springs should be on the list of the greatest places on earth, it was amazing.”

Northern Lights Tour: Day By Day Itinerary

DAY 1: Feb 25

It is arrival  day—some people coming in from Anchorage and some flying in from the lower 48. We will greet you all and transport you to your hotel, the lovely Westmark Hotel, where we will dine together this evening.


DAYS 2 and 3: Feb 26-27

After breakfast at our hotel, we board our private coach for a visit at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks where we will visit the Museum of the North with exhibits showcasing natural and cultural wonders of the North. You will also have the opportunity to stand next to a giant bear standing on his hind feet (a great picture as no one will want to believe a bear can be that big). Then it is on to Chena Hot Springs, 60 miles outside of Fairbanks, set in a beautiful mountain range.  

Chena may well be the greenest place on earth. Nothing is wasted, everything is recycled. They raise most of their own food, use the hot water that feeds the springs to generate all their electricity and heat all of their buildings. When they first thought of trying to produce electricity they were told by scientists from all over the world that it cannot be done because their spring water was only 165 degrees and it would have to be 212 to generate electricity. Now those same scientists have all visited to find out how Chena solved that problem.


DAYS 2 and 3: Feb 26-27

Chena has sleds and sled dogs all waiting for you. You will understand what I mean  when you visit them for all they want to do is run and when a tourist shows up, they know that at least some of them will be in front of a sled. By the way, these are wonderful animals and if you want to take  one home, you can.

The greenhouses are there to visit, the ice  house for a cold drink, the generating plant where you can get an idea of what makes Chena tick, the mountains all around, and a few Sno-Cats waiting to take you to the top for a glorious sunset.

Then, of course there is the recreation building, which serves simple snacks and  is directly next to the place where most people go to view the lights. There is a reason for that. If you are outside and the cold is starting to be felt, you simply step inside for a few minutes.

We will have a group meal the first night while we are at Chena. Chena Hot Springs are open all day until midnight. Bring your bathing suit because you are going to want to tell all your family and friends how  you went swimming outside in February in Alaska. And, if the Lights  happen to be shining while you are lying in the springs, you will have a life-long memory. 


DAY 4: Feb 28

After  breakfast, we head back to Fairbanks with a stop at the Alaskan Pipeline, an incredible architectural feat in the harshest of climates.

This evening, we will visit the Fairbanks Ice Park to see the great ice sculptures created by carvers from all over the world. At night, they are particularly beautiful, illuminated by colored lights.

Every evening when we are in Fairbanks and the weather conditions prove fair, we will go, by chartered coach, to a site out of town not bothered by the city lights, to see the aurora.


DAY 5: Mar 1

After breakfast, we will take an easy walk to the Morris Thompson Cultural Center, which houses world class displays on Alaskan natural habitat and native culture.

We will have the rest of the morning free and then, in the afternoon, we visit the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum containing a fantastically impressive collection of both antique cars and women’s clothing from the same era. 

Dinner this evening, our final group meal, will be at the Pumphouse Restaurant.


DAY 6: Mar 2

Breakfast will again be provide by the Westmark Hotel. Checkout time is at 12 noon, but later checkout may be arranged. 

Transportation to the airport will be available throughout the day.


Denali By Sky Extension: Day By Day Itinerary

DAY 1: Feb 23

When you arrive in Anchorage we will greet you at the airport and transport you to the Westmark Hotel, our home for the next two nights. Dinner will be at a restaurant, close by.


DAY 2: Feb 24

Nearby, the Anchorage Museum is one of those places you encounter that is simply comfortable and wonderful. You can build a volcano that explodes or stand inside a large bubble. See how high you can make the waves rise, and all of that in just the children’s section, which you will want to visit. At the museum's Thomas Planetarium, we will see a program on the northern skies, and still have time to visit the displays of the historical cultures that occupy Alaska.   

In the afternoon we will take a bus tour of the beautiful Turnagain Arm, with a stop at Earthquake Park to get a feel of the incredible earthquake that leveled much of Anchorage in 1964.


DAY 3: Feb 25

After breakfast at our hotel, we will return to the airport for one of the great airplane rides anywhere. On a commercial jet (37-seater) we will fly north toward Fairbanks and on the way reach Denali, the highest mountain peak in the Western Hemisphere. Denali is the third most prominent and third most isolated peak on Earth, after Mount Everest and Aconcagua .

Our pilot will fly around the mountain, first one way and then the other, so that everyone can get pictures out of their window.

Then, it's on to Fairbanks, where we will dine together and get a good night’s sleep, because we will travel to Chena Hot Springs the next day. I have long thought that Chena should be on the list of the world’s most wonderful places.


Call for Reservations (727) 216-3492

For more details, visit