House to Home Repair and Apprenticeship


House to Home Repair Program

Cole Link Foundation's House to Home program repairs and renovates houses for residents who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. We seek to make a sustainable impact on preserving and revitalizing homes and communities, with an emphasis on American Indians, assuring that low-income homeowners, from the elderly and disabled to families with children, live in safe, healthy homes.


Who is eligible for housing repair/renovation:

  • Low income seniors
  • Veterans
  • Military families
  • Low income families
  • Disabled persons
  • Medically ill patients

To be eligible, applicants must demonstrate: 1) Home ownership 2) Residency in the home 3) Low-income qualification: 65% of Median Income.

Many of our projects include some of the following work:

  • Repair damaged subfloors and flooring
  • Replace rotten siding and trim
  • Install Insulation & air sealing
  • Replace leaking faucets, toilets and pipes
  • Replace outlets & repair unsafe wiring
  • Install appropriate ventilation
  • Replace drywall
  • Build wheelchair ramps 
  • Widen doorways and modify bathrooms for accessibility
  • Paint interior and exterior surfaces
  • Clear overgrown yards  
  • Install railings and grab bars

“We will work with homeowners to assess what their needs are and to make sure that their home can be repaired or modified to meet their needs. We want to make sure that the house fits the person/family and that it’s a place that supports their health. We strive to make repairs that literally change the lives of the homeowner and our volunteers alike."

~ JoLynn Wright, Program Director


House to Home Apprenticeship Program


In addition to our House to Home Repair program, we have developed an associated Apprenticeship Program to teach unskilled individuals a new trade in home repair and renovation. We are confident that this offshoot of our nonprofit House to Home Repair program will grow on its own merits to provide opportunities and advancement.


Cole Link Foundation’s House to Home Apprenticeship program is a long-term investment in people, designed to move people from unemployment to work. The benefits of providing certified training in home repair/renovation to unskilled, low-income individuals in distressed communities are far-reaching. Not only does this job creation strategy provide individual economic self-sufficiency to escape poverty, it also builds the economies of low-income communities by preserving assets. In addition, the program is designed to build a pool of skilled workers that are desperately needed by building contractors and renovation companies throughout the country. These job opportunities generate sustainable employment to build a secure economic future for program graduates and their children.

The program is designed for all unskilled workers, with an immediate focus on the Pueblo Indians in Taos, New Mexico. Our goal is to implement and standardize the training program at the Pueblo Indian reservation in New Mexico and then emulate the program everywhere, including other tribes throughout the United States. Since the impact of home repair is vital to the health and welfare of underserved Indian families, the plan calls for training to take place at the reservation, allowing Native Americans to repair and renovate homes in their own communities as they learn their trade.


Cole Link Foundation’s House to Home Apprenticeship program has even loftier goals for its participants. The program is promising in advancing job and wealth creation by assisting trained individuals to further their education and become licensed business owners as they pursue self-employment as general or building contractors.

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